The Changing World of Medicine

What has had the biggest impact on the medical industry in the past 30 years? Would you guess privacy laws and legislation? Maybe a new medical procedure that drastically reduces mortality rates? Or, could it be the introduction of company email addresses and the prevalence of the internet in our everyday lives?

For medical marketers, we would venture to say that the internet has created the strongest impact in the lives of doctors, nurses, physicians assistants and even administrative assistants. This is because medical professionals are infamous for being difficult to reach directly. Sales calls may last a grand total of two minutes – which is barely enough time to promote medical equipment or the new drug for arthritis.

It’s time to take a look at targeted email campaign, one of the most cost-effective mediums that provides a respectable return on investment (ROI). To become visible to the appropriate healthcare professionals, you need to gain access to the physicians email addresses, or better yet, the hospital list. Companies such as MMS have been pinpointing perfect prospects for clients including pharmaceutical marketers, continuing medical education (CME) providers, publishers, and recruiters, along with the their list brokers, ad agencies and other marketing partners for over 80 years.

Over the next four weeks, we will provide insight on the effect of email marketing on the changing world of medicine, and how you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing your products to physicians, assistants and everyone in between. In the meantime, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates in healthcare, special marketing promotions and helpful tips to increase your market share through email marketing.


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