Email Marketing Goals for Medical Professionals – Part 3

Part 3 – Achieve success through subject lines

The biggest hurdle in your email marketing campaign is whether or not your prospect opens the email. Many brilliant campaigns have fallen by the wayside simply because the target never saw it. To ensure that the recipient opens your email, special attention needs to be paid to the subject line.

According to, research shows 40% of the recipient’s decision to open an email is based on the subject line. To entice your recipient, it is highly recommended that you keep your subject line brief and matter-of-fact. That will entice your prospect and defuse any red flags that are raised when people see “promotional” emails.

When it comes to subject lines, length is very important. Including spaces, 40 to 50 characters long is ideal. At that length, most will read and digest your full message, putting your email in the best possible position to succeed.

How can MMS help?

It is recommended that you test several different subject lines to determine which variation works best for your specific audience. Medical Marketing Service (MMS) can assist you with testing and writing of subject lines.

MMS offers you a full range of services to help you master email marketing – from research that discerns characteristics and trends in your target market to identify the right strategy, to tactical services that help you implement and successfully execute your plan. Learn more by calling 1-800-MED-LIST (633-5478).


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