Physicians and their Use of Interactive Media – Part 1

Part 1 – The future is here with social media.

Social media is the wave of the future and is quickly becoming a great tool for physicians and others in the healthcare industry. Although many physicians have been reluctant to communicate with patients via social media, many stay in contact with colleagues and share information through online physician communities and professional sites like LinkedIn.

As time moves on, social media will become a way for physicians to learn about new products and procedures. This will make it a priority for businesses to have a social media presence and will give them the ability to connect with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Social media can establish a personal approach to the healthcare business, providing greater access to the physicians themselves. According to a survey by the online physician learning collaborative QuantiaMD, nearly 90% of physicians reported that they used at least one social media site personally. Although 90% of physicians use social media personally, currently 67% use it professionally.

Although the number of physicians that use social media professionally is lower, it is still high compared to the general population. Also, the number that use social media professionally will surely increase as time goes on. Soon professionals across all walks of the healthcare industry will be interacting through social media.

How can MMS help?

Establishing a social media presence will soon be essential to all healthcare professionals, MMS can help by facilitating the delivery of your message to the healthcare market you are reaching for by combining our email marketing and direct mail services.

For more information about our creative services or our permissioned email lists, visit our website or call 1-800-MED-LIST (633-5478).


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