Physicians and their Use of Interactive Media – Part 2

Part 2 – Connect with physicians through smartphones.

Physicians across all avenues of the healthcare industry have begun using smartphones in high numbers. According to a survey conducted by Plunkett, about 30 percent of physicians have an iPad and more than 80 percent have smartphones, which include the iPhone and many other devices that use the Android or other operating system to turn a cellphone into a functional computer. With an overwhelming number of physicians flocking towards smartphones, they now have the ability to access information and research new products and technology instantly, from wherever they are.

The expanding use of smartphones has provided physicians with unprecedented access to information, email and the ability to connect with their fellow physicians.  This makes it essential to embrace mobile technology and email to create an integrated, multichannel direct marketing approach. That will allow you to diversify your campaign across all media—direct mail, telemarketing, broadcast fax and email.

This new access to physicians will give healthcare professionals the ability to interact freely and provide the ability to deliver messages instantly. With Medical Marketing Service, you can reach and interact directly with healthcare professionals.

How can MMS help?

Success in today’s direct marketing environment requires more than just great lists. That’s why MMS offers you a full range of services to help you master the medical market—from marketing research that discerns characteristics and trends in your target market to identify the right strategy, to tactical services that help you implement and successfully execute your plan.

MMS offers targeted delivery of your message to the healthcare market you are reaching by combining our email marketing and direct mail services to ensure that you are reaching your target market directly.

For more information about our creative services or our permissioned email lists, visit our website or call 1-800-MED-LIST (633-5478).


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