Physicians and Their Use of Interactive Media – Part 4

Part 4 – Create a personal touch with blogs.

Most healthcare professionals are looking for a way to create a personal connection with physicians. A great way to accomplish that is with a blog. Blogs allow for a conversational tone and are a great way to get the word out about new technology, products and procedures.

With a blog, you can go into greater depth about how a product or procedure can help and why it would be a great investment. With conventional email and direct mail campaigns, you have the opportunity to direct prospects to your blog and provide them with more information.

Paired along with email or direct mail, blogs are a great way to expand on your other marketing campaigns and drive customers to learn more.

How can MMS help?

With Medical Marketing Service (MMS), you get a full range of services to help you master the medical market—from marketing research that discerns characteristics and trends in your target market to identify the right strategy, to tactical services that help you implement and successfully execute your plan.

MMS offers quality lists that are customizable to your specific market. Combining those lists with premier service and a commitment to strong partnerships, has established MMS as the one source for pinpointing perfect prospects. By combining our email marketing and direct mail services, MMS offers you a multi-prong approach to ensure your message is delivered to the market you are reaching for.

With a 97% deliverability rate, MMS can ensure prospects get your message, which will increase the chances that you can drive them to you blog, helping you turn prospects into customers.


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