Message from the President: How to Stop Losing 42% of Your Audience

One of the buzzwords in the email marketing industry today is responsive design, which is a form of design of your email marketing that will help you achieve better results on mobile devices. According to Litmus, email has seen an average increase of 138% in mobile consumption over the past two years. Also, 42% of opens occur on a mobile device – a statistic worth taking note of before sending your next campaign.

This brings us to a very important question…

If you are in the 75% of marketers that do not optimize your email for mobile devices, you are very likely to lose 42% of your audience. If you are ready to reclaim these individuals, there are three effective formats that can be used to create a professional email for mobile: scalable, fluid and responsive.


What is scalable design? 

Scalable (or skinny emails) feature a narrow email width that makes it suitable for either desktop or phone with no adjustment or HTML modifications. The width limits the design to a single column (roughly 500 pixels or less), which means scalable emails are best with limited body copy, a simple design, and large touch-friendly buttons. Scalable emails are best used as invitations for events or trainings or other special announcements.

What is fluid design?

Fluid emails fill the entire screen on any device. If you plan on sending a text-only email or you prefer a very simple layout for your email, fluid design would be the best option for you. Fluid design is still popular because recipients can stretch and change the width of the window without the formatting skewing the content.

What is responsive design?

Responsive emails combine graphics, images, video and text to work in concert and function as intended on any device. Not only will your email change dynamically to reflect the size of a mobile display, now, only the pertinent text or images will display on mobile devices.

Transitioning to responsive email design is more than a graphic redesign. Just as responsive design has convinced email marketing managers to reconsider the context and user experience for the content they present, the shift to responsive email design requires a re-examination of their overall email strategy. MMS can help you answer:

  • What information and tools do mobile users really need?
  • What is essential in your messaging for higher conversion rates?
  • What obstacles should be addressed before moving to responsive design?

Contact MMS at 800.633.5478 or  to learn how our approach to responsive email design creates a seamless experience for your target audience.

Garth Elliott
President, Medical Marketing Service


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