How Does the AMA Physician Masterfile Continue to Provide the Most Complete List? Answer: QUALITY DATA


Choosing the right list is like picking the perfect pumpkin at the patch for the most delicious pumpkin pie. You aren’t going to choose the little, disfigured one. You will pick the one that is most robust, well-rounded, and will provide you with the best results – the most flavorful pie. Best pumpkin is to best pie, as best list is to highest ROI.


Email and direct mail campaigns also are only as effective as the lists used to reach the right target audiences. Detailed and up-to-date physician lists, obtained through continuous extensive data collection and verification, are critical to a successful marketing campaign. mms, the first database licensee of the American Medical Association, provides the highest degree of list accuracy and gets your message delivered.

The AMA Physician Masterfile has set the industry standard since 1906, with a guaranteed 98% deliverability rate. Learn what continues to give the AMA file the edge over other physician data sources making it the only logical choice for healthcare marketing.

It’s all about the data…

100% of all MD physicians are included in the file
There are more than 1,168,000 physicians including members and non-members, MDs and DOs, practicing physicians, and residents.

Over 2,000 sources are used to gather information on each and every physician
Information collected includes data from medical schools, residency training institutions, state licensing agencies, and the American Board of Medical Specialties.

The AMA Masterfile is updated daily with an average of 65 million updates annually

350,000 outbound calls are on track to be completed in 2015 to verify physician information including name, address, phone, specialty, and practice setting. Over 150,000 inbound calls from practices are leveraged to validate physician information.

A 98% deliverability rate is consistently maintained
USPS Address Change Service (ACS) and the National Change of Address (NCOA) service are used to maintain the integrity of physician addresses of which an average of 30,000 are updated monthly.

The file contains Preferred Professional Mailing Addresses (PPMA) for every physician
The preferred addresses on file are where physicians want  to receive their mail. Over 100 million mail pieces utilizing PPMA are generated every year. Preferred office location also is available on 95% of office-based physicians.

Data is collected when MDs enter medical school
This makes the AMA Masterfile more comprehensive than other data sources. Physicians are assigned a unique identifier, the AMA Medical Education (ME) number, which stays with them throughout their career for consistent, correct, and reliable data.

Physician identifiers are available to match AMA data with other databases
ME and National Physician Identifier (NPI) numbers allow cross-referencing to select your ideal target audience.

AMA data is used by over 80% of hospitals and 400+ healthcare plans
Healthcare organizations can use the AMA Masterfile to verify information submitted by physicians when applying for clinical privileges or participation in a payer network. Over 450,000 profiles are provided to hospitals, ambulatory care, and payers to meet this need every year. Additionally, an average of 100,000 physicians order their AMA Masterfile profile annually to review, update, and/or provide to licensing boards during renewal.

The AMA uses only the best data – its own
Physicians are the AMA’s business and they communicate with them every day.  The AMA relies on the Masterfile for its own business activities including publishing, CME, membership, advocacy, and the AMA Insurance Agency – so it has to be superior data.

Multiple targeting options using detailed demographics allow you to customize the Masterfile to your specific marketing needs

Multiple data elements including over 250 primary or secondary specialties, board certifications and expiration dates, geographic locations, state of birth, year of birth, state trained or state of license (ties to states), type of practice summary, and residency programs provide options in targeting the right audience and personalizing your content.

The file is effective for targeting physicians for various healthcare marketing needs
AMA Masterfile data can be used for multiple purposes including continuing medical education, physician recruitment, pharmaceutical direct marketing, journal distribution, physician verification, market research, and other healthcare marketing campaigns.

Don’t use lists that include most  physicians with information that is pretty  up-to-date. That would be like throwing your budget to the wind and blindly gambling on the outcome of your campaign.

Instead choose to use nothing but the best – the AMA Physician Masterfile – a list that is all-inclusive in its data collection, verified and updated daily with effective, real-time tracking for effective campaigns and a high ROI.


The AMA Physician Masterfile is like the great pumpkin, rising above all other physician data sources to deliver the most comprehensive list for successful results.
For more information about the AMA Physician Masterfile and mms’ complete line of products and services, visit or call 800-MED-LIST (633-5478).




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