Yes, it’s already November. Wrap up your holiday marketing… Plan now to kick off 2016.


As 2015 winds down, ramp up your healthcare marketing and end the year with a bang. By taking advantage of these last two months you will be better prepared for the New Year and won’t have to resuscitate your plans in January.

If you worry about sending emails during the flurry of the holiday season, last year’s holiday Med-E-Mail campaign response patterns might surprise you:

Thanksgiving – Response was normal the week prior to Thanksgiving, increased the week of Thanksgiving (including Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday), and returned to normal after Cyber Monday.

Christmas – Response was normal the week before Christmas, remained normal the week of Christmas, and increased the week after Christmas. The same pattern held true for New Years.

Remember that with the hustle and bustle of the holidays also comes adjusted, relaxed work schedules providing HCPs more time to view and sort through emails. This provides hope for marketers who want to take advantage of the holidays to connect with HCPs because they are still active, engaging, and responding!

Keep in mind, however, that during the holidays there is indeed an influx in the average number of daily emails hitting inboxes, just as your mailman fills your mailbox chock full with retail catalogs and Christmas cards. In fact, research conducted by Return Path shows that the holiday push and increase in the average number of emails begins as early as Halloween and holds steady through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The average number of emails received daily increased from seven between July and September to nine from Halloween to December 15, 11 on Black Friday, and 12 on Cyber Monday.

The good news is that this increase is more evident in B2C than B2B. So take advantage of the excitement of the season and experience successful deliverability rates and an end-of-the-year ROI that will help jump start the New Year.

To get started, use the five tips below to make your holiday marketing shine:

  1. Keep email message simple and to-the-point
    Begin communicating your message starting with a short subject line. Build on that with your pre-header followed with the body of the email that delivers the pertinent facts including who, what, why, when, where, and how.
  2. Provide a clear, strong CTA
    Make it easy for users to navigate through your message to get to the CTA. Even boost font size to a minimum of 16 points and button size to 44 points. Instead of labeling your CTA button “click here,” it should read exactly what you are asking your users to do by clicking the button.
  3. Mobile first – ensure that your email is responsive in design
    Use single column or “skinny” layouts for ease when using thumbs to scroll. Overall, email interactions are up largely due to increased mobile viewership and engagement. It is important that your email can be easily viewed whenever and wherever the user goes.
  4. Personalize a special holiday message
    This is a great time to extend thanks or best wishes for a holiday season and personalize your message for an added touch.
  5. Fun it up
    Take this opportunity with the holidays to be creative with your message and design by possibly using light-hearted, whimsical lead-in text, playful fonts for a headline, or bright colors.

To wrap up the year with effective email marketing and connect with HCPs, contact mms at 800-MED-LIST (633-5478) or

mms wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.


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