How are you planning your Holiday Marketing?

How are you planning your Holiday Marketing? As we enter the home stretch of 2014, you may be assessing the performance of your marketing efforts and the reach of your communication. Some B2B marketers worry about sending emails into cluttered inboxes during the Holiday season. Be aware that Healthcare Professional Marketing is still very active and can be successful through the end of the year. We reviewed the responses from Med-E-Mail Email deployment during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and have detected the following patterns: Thanksgiving– Response is normal the week prior to Thanksgiving, begins dropping slightly the week of Thanksgiving and rebounds after Cyber Monday. Christmas– Response is normal the week before Christmas, begins dropping the week of Christmas and rebounds strongly the 2 days after Christmas. We see the same pattern for New Years. Our recommendation is that you should not neglect your end of year marketing. Schedule your marketing deployments with these patterns in mind. We’d be glad to help or answer any questions you may have. Happy Holidays! Garth Elliott President, Medical Marketing Service Contact us at 800.633.5478 or email


Message from the President: How to Stop Losing 42% of Your Audience

One of the buzzwords in the email marketing industry today is responsive design, which is a form of design of your email marketing that will help you achieve better results on mobile devices. According to Litmus, email has seen an average increase of 138% in mobile consumption over the past two years. Also, 42% of opens occur on a mobile device – a statistic worth taking note of before sending your next campaign.

This brings us to a very important question…

If you are in the 75% of marketers that do not optimize your email for mobile devices, you are very likely to lose 42% of your audience. If you are ready to reclaim these individuals, there are three effective formats that can be used to create a professional email for mobile: scalable, fluid and responsive.


What is scalable design? 

Scalable (or skinny emails) feature a narrow email width that makes it suitable for either desktop or phone with no adjustment or HTML modifications. The width limits the design to a single column (roughly 500 pixels or less), which means scalable emails are best with limited body copy, a simple design, and large touch-friendly buttons. Scalable emails are best used as invitations for events or trainings or other special announcements.

What is fluid design?

Fluid emails fill the entire screen on any device. If you plan on sending a text-only email or you prefer a very simple layout for your email, fluid design would be the best option for you. Fluid design is still popular because recipients can stretch and change the width of the window without the formatting skewing the content.

What is responsive design?

Responsive emails combine graphics, images, video and text to work in concert and function as intended on any device. Not only will your email change dynamically to reflect the size of a mobile display, now, only the pertinent text or images will display on mobile devices.

Transitioning to responsive email design is more than a graphic redesign. Just as responsive design has convinced email marketing managers to reconsider the context and user experience for the content they present, the shift to responsive email design requires a re-examination of their overall email strategy. MMS can help you answer:

  • What information and tools do mobile users really need?
  • What is essential in your messaging for higher conversion rates?
  • What obstacles should be addressed before moving to responsive design?

Contact MMS at 800.633.5478 or  to learn how our approach to responsive email design creates a seamless experience for your target audience.

Garth Elliott
President, Medical Marketing Service

Message from the President: 4 Steps to Create the Perfect Email

Here are four steps you can take to build the perfect email message. These tips will help you to build a successful email marketing campaign to healthcare professionals.


1. Target your audience. Your list and the message content in your email should focus on exactly who you are trying to reach. Use demographic and personal selections to narrow down to the most relevant healthcare professionals. This will allow you to provide pertinent offers to the right individuals and receive more click-throughs due to the targeted nature of your email.

2. Capture their attention. You have 3 seconds between “keep” and “delete”. Create clear attention grabbing subject lines with branded “ from” names to avoid being deleted. Place action words at the beginning of the subject line, keep it short and to the point.

3. Craft your message. Ask what one thing do you want the recipient to do? Center your message on that goal. The call-to-action highlighted in your email should support this. Don’t give readers the opportunity to get distracted by blog posts, product pages, or long emails.

4. Make sure your emails are multi-device friendly. According to current data, 70 million US consumers access email through their mobile device, 43% check their email on it 4 or more times a day. Our research also indicates that over 50% of healthcare professionals are utilizing a mobile device.   If you’re not optimizing your emails for mobile, you’re completely missing out on a huge opportunity for these mobile readers to be able to easily view your emails and click on your calls-to-action. Multi-device design is all about delivering your target the content they want, within the context that they’re viewing it.

Finally, an email can be promotional or marketing oriented, informative or relationship building. No matter the intention of your message, you should maintain consistency each time you send an email. Consistency builds trust and familiarity. The more familiar a prospect is with your company, the more likely they are to read and respond to your email.

Which of these tactics will you start for your next email campaign?

Garth Elliott
mms, Inc.

Message from the President: Why Email Marketing is Important in 2014

For over fifteen years, email marketing has been a major tool in contacting prospects and acquiring customers. According to McKinsey & Company, email is still the most effective way to acquire customers [it is nearly forty times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined], and that 91% of U.S. consumers use email daily.

Why, you ask?

Message from the President

Email is not only here to stay, but getting stronger as the years march on.


For starters, email marketing helps build rapport with your audience.
Email Marketing allows you to stay connected in real-time to your desired audience through newsletters and messages that keep them in know about your offers, services and product updates. Successful CME events start with announcements, invitations and online registration that is easily accessible through email marketing. Recruiters use email to attract potential candidates either for a current position or to be visible for future offers. Brand awareness and brand offering for either the healthcare professional or patient is accomplished through email marketing for Pharma Companies.

Next, the use of email on mobile devices, makes your message accessible anywhere, any day, any time.
This has given cause for marketers to rethink their marketing plans, and to become more streamlined and deliberate with their messaging. Mobile Responsive emails allow your targets to view your information at times when it’s convenient for them on their preferred devices. You have more than just smartphones these days to contend with when sending out your message, you have tablets and other mobile devices that may skew your messaging as it was intended to be delivered. This is why you should be aware of methods to make your messaging mobile friendly both in content and design. Remember, your prospect is always listening, email is the number one activity for people on their phones.

Finally, the deployment of multi-contact marketing campaigns make your efforts more efficient!
When executed strategically, you have the opportunity to make email and direct mail marketing a two-way street. It is always beneficial to create a dialogue with your prospects while gathering information. Email marketing allows you to gain feedback on what engages your potential customer, what does not work and why and can open a dialogue with them. MMS offers a multi-touch delivery of your message to the healthcare market you are reaching by combining email marketing and re-marketing through email or direct mail for the most effective campaigns.

Get the word out to the right people every time with email marketing or try a hybrid approach with direct mail. Your business may depend on it.

Garth Elliott
President, Medical Marketing Service