Promotions at MMS


MMS is happy in announcing the promotions of the following people:

Garth Elliott has taken over the responsibility of day to day operations of MMS and is assigned the title of President/COO. He will continue to work closely with operations and sales and marketing calling on his twenty plus years of experience helping our customers. Garth has vast operational experience which will allow him to guide our customers to get their message delivered.

Kirk Elliott was recently assigned the title of Chief Information Officer. Kirk also has over twenty years of service at MMS in the operational area and possesses a keen understanding of the data MMS manages.  His oversight has help MMS maneuver from the legacy main frame computer operations to our fourth level of servers and sans.

Terry Nugent has been promoted to Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing.  Terry possesses a vast knowledge of association management and has been a student of marketing trends including email marketing and social media.  His new position will allow him to meet with customers and prospect to help them solve their marketing issues.

These seasoned veterans with new assigned roles are here to help you our customers to capitalize on the opportunities presented by 21st century medical marketing where interactivity and efficiency will be rewarded.