Email Marketing – An Effective Form of Advertising

The original article, “Why Email Marketing is King” by Arthur Middleton Hughes can be found here.

In comparison to television, print ads and internet advertising, email marketing is the most affordable, effective method. But companies are spending the least amount of money using it. In “Why Email Marketing is King” by Arthur Middleton Hughes, he explains how people are currently using email marketing and how it is an effective advertising strategy. And, we agree with him.

Frequently, people associate email marketing with spam and are turned away from it. But by allowing people to opt-in to emails, it helps lead the reader to the idea that this email will be useful to them. Follow this concept by simple and clear emails that clearly deliver a benefit to the reader and you will further engage your audience. Using email marketing the way Hughes suggests will make it successful for both the advertiser and the consumer.

Television and direct mail cannot be tracked in the same way an email can. You don’t know what programs people are watching on television, or how often they read mail. But after an email is sent you can monitor when it was opened, what links were clicked on or if it was forwarded. You can also give direct access to your site where the consumer can research the product or brand, check reviews and make a purchase.

This gives us insight to our customers that wouldn’t be possible with other forms of media. Tracking a customer from the time they get the concept of a purchase to the time when the actual purchase is made would be extremely difficult considering all of the outside variables. But through email marketing, many of the variables are removed or minimized, and it leads to optimal results. Once you find your off-email multiplier, it is easy to see how effective email marketing can be as an advertising strategy.

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5 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

In a recent StrongMail survey, more than two-thirds of business leaders indicated plans to integrate social media with their email marketing efforts in 2012.

Email and social media make a great team, according to DJ Waldow of Waldow Social.

According to Waldow, including and promoting social sharing or share with your network options in an email are important for a few reasons:

  • They extend the reach of your emails: The more people share your email, the more potential you have for opens, clicks and conversions.
  • They allow you to identify key influencers: Most email service providers (ESPs) include metrics on who has shared your emails the most often, as well as the effect their sharing has had on other key stats (opens, clicks, conversions, etc.). Armed with this data, you—the marketer—can be better informed as to who your key influencers are. If appropriate, you can then send dedicated campaigns to your biggest supporters.
  • They provide an opportunity for list growth: The more eyeballs on your emails, the better chance you have of gaining new subscribers.

Waldow also believes that including and promoting social connection(s) options in an email are important for a few reasons:

  • They provide another platform to connect with your audience. Each platform—email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, a blog, etc.—enables you to communicate and interact with people in different ways.
  • They give email subscribers more options: It’s possible that your email subscribers prefer to engage with your company or brand on different channels. While email is great, it’s not the only option.
  • They allow you to expand the reach of your message.

Waldow suggests several ways to capitalize on the synergies between email and social:

#1: Include Social Icons in Emails

#2: Ask Email Subscribers to Share and Connect

#3: Send a Dedicated Email Campaign – There are times when including some links or buttons—asking your subscribers to socially connect or share with their network—is not clear enough. If you are not having much success, try sending an email that is dedicated to a particular social network.

#4: Provide Incentive – Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” with a compelling offer. Give your subscribers a reason to connect, a reason to share.

#5: Include “Retweet This!” Snippet in Email – Another great way to cross-pollinate email marketing and social media is to highlight a particular tweet in your email campaign.

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