Email Marketing Tactics for Recruitment in the Medical Industry – Week 4

Week 4 –  No more playing the waiting game

How long do you want to wait to review your marketing results? Every other month? Once a quarter? Twice a year? You need to know quickly who hears your message and how they intend to respond to it.

Email marketing gives you the option to move forward with your marketing and recruiting initiatives quickly and confidently. When you prepare an email to recruit fresh new talent, you want to be sure you include the following information:

  • An explanation why they are receiving this email
  • Links, logos, and images that link back to your website
  • A strong call-to-action (why should they apply to your school?)

You will know that your message is getting through effectively when people begin clicking on your email links or respond directly by submitting resumes.

MMS has free resources at your disposal to help you master the medium with successful email marketing methods that will help you achieve your objectives.

MMS also offers a multi-prong approach to delivering of your message to the market you are reaching by combining our email marketing and direct mail services. Contact MMS to learn how their experience team can aid in a better response rate for your campaign.


Email Marketing Tactics for Recruitment in the Medical Industry – Week 3

Week 3 – In addition to the delivery, you control the message

Have you ever passed a note to one of your friends in class? Depending on the location of your friend in relation to you, it was possible that you had to rely upon other kids to continue passing the note until it reached the intended destination. Sometimes this plan worked and your friend may have also sent a response back to you. Other times, this plan failed as another student stopped to read the contents of the note, or worse, a teacher intercepted the note.

The main idea of this scenario is that by utilizing multiple channels that were not necessarily trustworthy to transmit your message, you were no longer in control. The second the note left your hand; you were at the mercy of the other channels who may or may not have worked in your favor. Are you willing to chance the fate of your hospital or facility on the hopes that maybe your message will be interpreted by the right individuals?

Email marketing allows your message to be seen only by the intended recipients, without a middleman. Medical Marketing Services (MMS) maintains a comprehensive collection of lists to ensure that your message will not only be seen by the appropriate individuals, but it will be delivered in a timely fashion.

Once of these lists are sourced from the American Medical Association (AMA). Medical students and residents are the future of the profession. Reaching them is of particular importance to physician recruiters, and critical in reaching your market early. In fact, no list owner has the comprehensive and accurate data on medical students and residents that the AMA has. For more information on the AMA lists, please contact MMS via our website today.

Email Marketing Tactics for Recruitment in the Medical Industry – Week 2

Week 2 – Your message is delivered, guaranteed

When you leave a voicemail, how are you sure that the message is interpreted as you expected? Sure, you can review your message before delivering it to the mailbox, but you have to rely upon the person receiving the message to make a note of your name, phone number and respond to your call. If the message does not compel them to respond, then your intent was not delivered correctly.

The same goes for television, radio and outdoor marketing. If you turn on the radio or television in the middle of a commercial, you may have missed the main call-to-action and are now listening to half of a message. If you are driving behind a large truck and you are unable to see the entire billboard, the advertiser missed an opportunity to sell to you.

With email, the message is delivered, guaranteed. You know if a message was sent to a nonexistent or full inbox, because you get a message back directly. You know if someone becomes disengaged with your messaging because they unsubscribe from your messages or stop opening the emails altogether. Finally, you know who really understands your message because they will open, reopen and forward your emails to many friends.

Medical Marketing Service (MMS) provides a direct link into the healthcare industry – from physician email lists, pediatrician lists, nurse practitioner email addresses and hospital mailing lists. Best of all, each list is permission-based, which means each professional has opted in to receive emails at this address. MMS guarantees 97% deliverability, as well, which makes email marketing a smart choice for your recruitment efforts.