4 Tips Professionals Use For Email Newsletter Campaign Effectiveness

While most marketing professionals agree that email newsletter campaigns are a great and cost effective way to maintain contact with your clients, some may be on the fence about using email marketing to help attract prospects into becoming clients. The questions becomes, what is the best way to present pertinent information without overwhelming an audience, become the authority and have lasting power among the rest of the marketing messages seen within a day?

email effectiveness

Here are four tips you can incorporate into your next email campaign to see improvements in your marketing efforts:

1. Design for all Formats:  91% of Healthcare Professionals use email daily. Design your creative to facilitate smartphone/tablet reading.  This will allow you to give a clear and clean message no matter what device it’s being read on. Include pre-headers,  larger calls to action, smaller paragraphs with shorter line lengths, and bulleted lists.

2. Get Personal:  Your recipients want to feel as if your message was personalized for them.  Make each message personal by tailoring the content to what is important to them. Link to case studies, brochures, articles that allow a recipient to get more information when needed.

3. Don’t re-route them to your Home page: You should try to place links on a targeted page of your website that describes a product or service they need. By presenting unique info in your newletter with links that drive traffic to something specific, you have a better opportunity to engage the recipient. Additionally, it will let you know which information and segments were the most engaging and successful in your campaign.

4. Let them take the bait: A thousand-word essay isn’t the best format for your newsletter. Even five hundred words can be excessive. Your recipients want valuable information in as few words as possible. If you can deliver this in your email campaign, you will be effective in holding their interest. A simple trick is to offer the first 2-3 sentences of your article, blog post, case study or white paper in the email campaign, and include a link to the specific section of your website where people can visit to read more.

When it comes to publishing an email newsletter, information overload can be tempting. However, you should think of your message as more of a trailer as opposed to the full feature. For instance, if your latest article entails the top patient medical trends for 2014, give a preview of the list, titles only, and no descriptions. This will get your readers’ and clients’ curiosity, and clicking the link, leading to the full article, should obtain their attention.

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